Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Long grass around bunkers

 When planning for the bunker renovation, we decided to use a different grass on the bunker banks. We chose turf type fescue( TTF)  for its heat tolerance, color, and ability to handle extra stress such as foot traffic and sand build up on bunker faces. It has a similar look to kentucky bluegrass but has a wider leaf blade. 

We purchased the sod from Sandy Creek in Monroe and tried it out on the fairway bunker on the north side of hole 9, the southern bunker on the short game area and both bunkers on seventeen and the results were great. Healthier, greener turf that required less hand watering, an easy sell to continue with this turf choice for the bunker renovation. 

The key to establishing any new grass is to let it grow a little higher than what is desired and once established start to slowly drop the height when the conditions allow. Unfortunately for us, high temperatures and lack of rainfall forced us to keep the height higher on the banks this year. This caused some bad lies on the faces and had me answering a lot of questions. The answer most of the time was once conditions allowed we would slowly start to drop the height of the bunker faces. 

We have lowered the height of the banks to more closely match the height of the roughs. Doing this takes a little extra time, but we should have all banks completed and at the new height by Thursday. While this is no guarantee that all balls will roll into the bunkers, it will greatly improve the chances that the balls do not get hung up on the banks. Thank you all for your understanding with this and allowing us to establish the turf correctly the first time around. 

We also are slowly taking the new green expansion on #8 down to greens height. While not on purpose, it is a great example of why you slowly take the height down and do not hurry the establishment process. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2020 columns has created an interesting new column called super secrets. These really are not secrets but give you an opportunity to read about what and why we do things on the golf course. Give it a look if you would like, it may answer some questions you may have. Click on the link below and it will take you to an article about trees, a sometimes hot button topic here at HMGC. 

Super Secrets

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Busy Year

 This year has been one to remember that's for sure. From opening the course in Mid-March, to the uncertainty of staying open, to record numbers of rounds, to back loading the second half of the season with tournaments and outings, to dry weather, to the bunker project....busy is an understatement. The rest of the season looks the same, the club will not have an open day until late September or early October. 

Please continue to help the membership by fixing ball marks and replacing divots when possible. We will be losing three staff members this week as they return to college. That's equates to around 120 hours a week of job assignments that will be decreased or eliminated. We will prioritize assignments and combine assignments where we can, but peak season tasks will be altered. 

The tournament went great. The disruption with set up and tear down was very minimal this year and everything was off the course by Wednesday, most was removed by Monday evening. The course looked great on TV and tons of great feedback from the renovation and consistency of the bunker. 

We lost a good man last week as well, Jim Jensen passed away. He was our grounds chairman for two seasons and will surely be missed. I enjoyed working with him and appreciated his friendship and his calm demeanor. Grounds is the biggest committee that we have and he handled every situation or suggestion with all members in mind, and controlled the meetings as only he could. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

New Bunker Sand

It would be greatly appreciated to our mowers and the golfers behind you if you could knock the sand off of your shoes before you walk onto the green. We are obviously being forced to water more than usual, while this is great for compacting the sand it also allows the sand to stick to your golf shoes. At our grounds committee meeting I joked that I do this due to the fact I know how much the sand cost.
Thank you for your help and stay hydrated!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Greens speed and the upcoming heat wave

The forecast for the next 7 days is calling for temperatures in the low 90's with minimal cloud cover.  We will continue to water at night, but you may see us watering during the day as well. Our crew will do our best to find gaps in play and utilize the sprinklers, but you may see us watering spots with hoses. We do this to not over water an entire area when there are isolated spots that could use a little TLC. The wells are working great and have been very reliable.

As a few you have let me know greens are a little slower than normal. We are mowing and rolling Tuesday through Sunday, just a mow on Monday's. The mowers are set for our summer height which is lower than what we mow at in the spring and fall. So if we are mowing the greens shorter how is it possible that greens are slower than in the spring and fall? I am glad you asked! Here is a great article from the USGA that will answer most of your questions.

Greens Speed

With the 100 year anniversary of the club coming up in 2025 we are asking that if you have any pictures from the club you would like to share with us we would greatly appreciate it. We can scan your photos and start to compile a collection of history to share with our members.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

All holes are open now.

Thank you for your patience while we completed the bunker project. All holes are now open, but we still have some work to finish such as sod, topdressing and leveling areas that have settled. I hope you enjoy the changes, please respect areas that are roped off and protect our work until it matures/roots enough to allow increased traffic.  Above is a great picture of 15 from the drone.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Highland Meadows Grounds Department Blog: Baby deer on the course

Highland Meadows Grounds Department Blog: Baby deer on the course: We have a fawn that was born on the golf course. He/She seems to be lonely and lost, but its mother is not far away. When deer are born they...