Monday, April 6, 2020

Course Update 4-6-20

Everyday is a new experience. This seems to be my motto the last three weeks, and it probably will be for the next month or so. We are performing what I consider to be essential tasks on the golf course, opinions may vary about what tasks are essential, but we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

1. Mow greens 3-4 times per week depending on play.
2. Cut cups 3 times per week depending on how much play we have.
3. Mow fairways and tees 1-2 times per week depending on weather.
4. Started to mow roughs today.
5. Rake bunkers 1-2 times per week depending on weather and play.
6. Spray and fertilize greens, tees, fairways.
7. Get our irrigation up and running.
8. Mow short rough around fairways 1-2 times depending on growth and weather.

We are doing the essentials and other tasks with 6-7 employees right now (normally would have 12-13 employees). We are trying to be fiscally conscientious as well as minimize the amount of employees we are managing. I have kept all of our part-time retirees away from the course until home isolation restrictions are lifted.

Once we have a grasp on the essentials, we are attempting to continue course clean-up as well as some small projects in house.

The cart path crew was in today to put final layer of stone on new path and will return next Monday, weather permitting, to pave the new path on hole 15.

We also have resumed the bunker project, more about this on my next post, we have a great start and will be moving from 12 to hole 15 next.

We planted 3 dawn redwoods between 4 tee and 15 tee to create some separation. These trees were planted to not obstruct the tee shots on either hole while also creating a buffer. Dawn redwoods are pines that lose their needles over the winter, we have a few of these around the shack area in the back of the course.

Please continue to follow the social distancing instructions that we have prepared for the golf course. Do not remove flagsticks at anytime please. Limit touch points with others and enjoy your exercise and fresh air.

We have placed blue tee markers on the course. Roughly 60-75% of our rounds are played from the blues. Areas near the stones were starting to show wear stress and in the best interest of the tees decided to put blues out. I would prefer no markers as we have limited staff to move daily, but will put more out if needed.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

How the virus has changed our maintenance.

While we have opened the golf course earlier than in years past, this season has been like no other. The board is working very diligently, holding multiple conference calls to make sure all are informed with the ever changing mandates and recommendations from the state and national government. Please watch for emails from the club to keep you updated as far as what is open and what restrictions we have implemented to keep you and the staff safe.

We hope we are able to keep the course open and are not forced to close down. Myself, Nick and Genene are in constant contact to keep all departments up to date. We are also reporting to the board and plans are being put in place for short term limitations as well as long term.

The golf course itself has come out of the winter well. We will be performing as much maintenance as we can but are keeping staff to a controllable minimum. While expectations are rather low early in the year, this may be the norm for an extended period this year. We will still mow greens, tees, fairways and rough but the frequency may be reduced at times. We are also limiting the accessories on the course such as bunker rakes, ball washers, benches and other items that golfers come in contact with during the course of their round. We ask that you leave the flag stick in while you putt. You may also see us put something in the cup so the ball does not go to the bottom, thus limiting contact points but not play ability.

The contractors have been put on delay until the 30th of March. There were concerns about hotels and dining while the restrictions were being put in place. I am working closely with the contractor to procure other accommodations so that everyone is safe and able to continue work.

Carts will depend on the moisture on the golf course and should not be any different then in the past.

I sincerely hope everyone stays safe and hope to see you at the course.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Course Opening Today 3-17-20

How about a little good news! The course will be open today with carts. While carts will be a day to day decision depending on the weather the golf course is ready to go. Greens have been rolled twice over the last week and were mowed this morning. Bunkers are being raked and we may even mow a few fairways this afternoon.

This will be somewhat of a soft opening, if you will. We are cutting cups and greens are open but we ask that you not take the pins out. Please putt to the hole with the pin in to limit the amount of people coming into contact with the pin. For this reason we will not be putting out bunker rakes either. There will not be any tee markers or ball washers.

This has been a whirlwind in the last week or so. There is a new normal that we are all adjusting to, and we hope by opening the course we can relieve a little bit of the stress of the last week.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Clean up of 11 tee.

Our winter crew has been very busy this winter cleaning up various areas on the course as well as finishing tree removal for the remaining project holes. The goal with trees this winter was to open up tee space that we maintain but could not use due to tree encroachment. This was most evident on 4, 11, and 15.

Below are a few pics of number 11. We were unable to use the left side of the tee box for the blue and black tees. By opening this up it will allow us to use the left side of the tee box which will give more time for the previous days divots to heal and grow.  We also cleaned up the growth behind the tee open up the view to hole 12.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Greens Closing 12-9-19

This Sunday will be the last day for the greens to be open. On Monday the 10th, we will put down a protective layer of sand to help the greens survive the winter.

Thanks for a great season.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Course Update 11-27-19

We have winterized the course for the year. All items, except for flag sticks have been removed from the course. We will monitor weather forecasts as to when we will close greens, but for now they will stay open.

We were able to get 2 and 12 green side bunkers shaped and partially sodded. The sod farm has shut down for the year so no additional bluegrass will be put down this year. There still is a chance that we can shape a few more bunkers if the weather and ground conditions allow us to do so. The issue with opening up new ground is the inability to install drainage due to wet/soft conditions in the bunker bottoms. This could ultimately lead to delays in the spring.

We are in a good spot where we have finished so far and will hit the ground running in the spring when conditions allow. This leaves us 5 holes left to complete.

Below are some pics of 2, 10, 12 and 13. Have a happy thanksgiving.
2 Before
2 After

2 Before
2 After
13 Before
13 After
12 Before
12 After
12 After

Monday, November 18, 2019

Course Update 11-18-19

Unfortunately, one of the earliest snowfalls in 30 years shut the course and the project down last week. With warmer temperatures and the snow melting off the course we should be able to continue the project this week, and open the course back up.  This is the third week we have lost to weather on the project.

We will be moving to holes 2 and 12 when the project resumes, which should be on Tuesday. Due to soft conditions in the bunker bottoms it is unlikely that we will be adding sand to the remaining bunkers that we finish. Our goal is to get as many bunkers shaped, drained, and sodded around as we can before the next major snow or freeze. With the cooler temps and shorter days the soils do not dry as well and thus does not allow us to put the finished edge in, spray our protective barrier and add sand. While unlikely, if we get the soils to dry and firm up enough and get some warmth we will add sand.

The course still has snow cover and any green that is frozen or snow covered will remain closed until thawed. We have cut the temporary pins in the fairways and will use them as needed. Please play to where the pin is located. If it is in the fairway then the green is closed, if it is on the green then the green is open.

Our main goal for the next few days will be leaf clean-up.