Thursday, December 5, 2019

Greens Closing 12-9-19

This Sunday will be the last day for the greens to be open. On Monday the 10th, we will put down a protective layer of sand to help the greens survive the winter.

Thanks for a great season.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Course Update 11-27-19

We have winterized the course for the year. All items, except for flag sticks have been removed from the course. We will monitor weather forecasts as to when we will close greens, but for now they will stay open.

We were able to get 2 and 12 green side bunkers shaped and partially sodded. The sod farm has shut down for the year so no additional bluegrass will be put down this year. There still is a chance that we can shape a few more bunkers if the weather and ground conditions allow us to do so. The issue with opening up new ground is the inability to install drainage due to wet/soft conditions in the bunker bottoms. This could ultimately lead to delays in the spring.

We are in a good spot where we have finished so far and will hit the ground running in the spring when conditions allow. This leaves us 5 holes left to complete.

Below are some pics of 2, 10, 12 and 13. Have a happy thanksgiving.
2 Before
2 After

2 Before
2 After
13 Before
13 After
12 Before
12 After
12 After

Monday, November 18, 2019

Course Update 11-18-19

Unfortunately, one of the earliest snowfalls in 30 years shut the course and the project down last week. With warmer temperatures and the snow melting off the course we should be able to continue the project this week, and open the course back up.  This is the third week we have lost to weather on the project.

We will be moving to holes 2 and 12 when the project resumes, which should be on Tuesday. Due to soft conditions in the bunker bottoms it is unlikely that we will be adding sand to the remaining bunkers that we finish. Our goal is to get as many bunkers shaped, drained, and sodded around as we can before the next major snow or freeze. With the cooler temps and shorter days the soils do not dry as well and thus does not allow us to put the finished edge in, spray our protective barrier and add sand. While unlikely, if we get the soils to dry and firm up enough and get some warmth we will add sand.

The course still has snow cover and any green that is frozen or snow covered will remain closed until thawed. We have cut the temporary pins in the fairways and will use them as needed. Please play to where the pin is located. If it is in the fairway then the green is closed, if it is on the green then the green is open.

Our main goal for the next few days will be leaf clean-up.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Project Update

The crew has moved to 10 green and is making great progress on the green site. We will move to 13 green next and then holes 12 and 2.

The weather, while good at times, has not done us any favors. With the cool temps any moisture we receive takes days to dry out any open soils. This has forced us to leave bunkers unfinished, such as 6 greenside and 8 fairway. We will continue to sod and do as much work as the soil conditions allow.

We are trying to save whatever work we can that will be around our maintenance facility as this is were all materials are stored and we have paths close to all of this work. This means we are saving 8,15,4,5, and 6 fairway to finish up the project.

When we started this project we estimated 10-12 weeks of actual work. We are in our 7th week of actual work (2 weeks lost to rain) and now estimate 12-14 weeks of work total to complete project. This leaves us 5-7 weeks of work left to complete project. So unless we get a miracle December we will finish this project in the spring.

Getting this right is our primary goal, and a few changes to make sure it is correct has added some extra time to the project. The crew from Great Lakes has done an outstanding job of making sure everything ties together to make this a great transition to the new bunkers.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Greens Aerification

We were able to aerify 8 greens today, but were forced to stop due to the incoming rain. We will attempt to finish the rest of the greens tomorrow. The course will remain closed all of Tuesday.

We are using 5/8 inch solid tines after the greens are double verticut and topdressed. This verticut removes the organic matter and the sand is punched in the holes. Once the sand dries we are able to drag and fill in most of the holes. We will then roll the greens and apply a fertilizer to aid in recovery.

Friday, October 18, 2019

7 bunkers complete, 6 green next

We have finished installing sand on all bunkers on hole 7. We have some sod to replace in the fairway, the hole is open. 16 green will be finished this afternoon, and 16 fairway bunker is prepped for sand and sod. 16 will likely play as a par 3 once the bunkers at the green have sand installed.

We have moved onto 6 green complex. This will be where we will work for a majority of the weekend. After 6 green is complete we will move onto hole 8.

Things are progressing well, and we hope to finish as much as we can this fall. If not complete we will wrap up the project in the spring. I can assure you we are doing things as fast as we can, but will not sacrifice quality for speed.

Below are some before and after pics of 7 green and 17 tee complex.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Moving up top.

The crew should wrap up 7 green this afternoon. Bunker sand will be added this morning and the sod should be finished this evening. Hole 7 will play as a par 3 until the fairway bunker is finished.

Hole 16 is now being worked on and will play to a temporary pin until completed. We are doing some extra shaping around the back side of the green to harvest the soils needed for the fairway bunker on 16 and 8 to be filled in on the outer edges. This will look great when finished.

Please note that every hole will be playable in some way, unless the "hole closed sign" is put up. Please follow sign instructions and play the hole from the tee markers to the pin, wherever they may be located.

Also if you pull a rope to hit a shot please replace the stakes when finished. When ropes are not put back up the groups behind tend to drive into newly sodded areas because of the access point created.

Our next move will be to 16 fairway bunker and 6 green.

Here are a few pics of before and after on 17 and 18.