Monday, September 9, 2019

Started hole 11

We are still working on #1, but are close to putting sand in the new bunkers. We will be sodding the fairway run up today. This sod will come from the beginning of number 2 fairway. We use existing sod so that it matches the sod that is already there and does not result in a quilted look.

Over the weekend we worked on the short game area. We have combined the two greens into one green. This new area is seeded and will take a week or so to germinate. To insure that we do not disturb the new green we will be closing the short game area for a week or so.

We have moved to hole 11. This will go faster than number one as all bunkers are close together and there will not be as much sodding to do. Hole 11 will be closed until it is complete.

Below are some pics of before and mid way through the process on hole #1

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Started number 1

We have started the right side fairway bunker on number 1. The hole will play as a par 3 until we move to the green side bunkers. At this time we will put in a temporary pin in front of the green and you will play to the temporary pin.

The best source for information for the project hole restrictions will be located on the dry erase board outside of the bag room and in the pro shop.

Our route will be the right fairway bunker, then move to the greenside bunkers on 1, then to number 11 and then the left side fairway bunker on hole 1. This will lead us to the short game area and the putting green to finish the north side nearest the clubhouse.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Project starts this week.

Due to the rain yesterday and today , Chris and his crew will be showing up on Wednesday and getting prepped and started on the project. We will be starting on hole number 1 and then will move over to hole 11. A few things that you will need to know:

- If we are working on fairway bunkers then the hole will play as a par 3. We will move tee markers to an appropriate area so that the crew is not in harms way.

- When we move to the greenside bunkers we will put a temporary pin in front of the green. This will allow you to tee of on the hole and hit a short iron shot to a pin. We will not cut in a temporary green as we plan to move quickly and onto the next hole. We feel this will keep play moving normally and you will not have to skip a hole per say.

-We will be posting hole restrictions on the calendar board near the bagroom and in the pro shop as well.

-We will send an e-mail out on fore tees on Monday of where we plan on working for the week. This will also go out on the weekly club e-mail. Please be aware that there could be minor changes or delays depending on what we run into on the course and the weather.

Really looking forward to this project finally coming to fruition. There are going to be disruptions to the course for the rest of the fall and your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated. We will do everything we can to keep holes open, but we need to keep moving and be as efficient as possible.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Course Update 8-20-19

Severe storms ripped through the area Sunday night. We received 1.3 inches of rain, but the winds took their tolls on a few trees around the course.

We lost a poplar near the old bridge on 17 tee. It was cracked and we noticed it Monday morning. It was on the opposite side of the creek from the tee and as the day went it kept slowly falling. This morning it fell on the tee side and took 3 other trees with it. Since we are short staffed we got the tree off of the tee and will continue to clean it up as the week goes.

We lost some other large branches on Sunday night, most noticeably, the middle trunk on the eastern sycamore on #7, near the green. The western sycamore was not damaged at all.

We also had oil leaks on two different mowers this morning. The old mower that we use to mow the driving range blew a hose this morning. The other was on our "hybrid" fairway mower that only uses hydraulics for transport of the machine. This is one of our older mowers and it leaked on 7, 9 and 14 fairways. The oil will kill the grass that it touched but should fill in quickly as these were small leaks out of the hoses. Since both of these leaks were underneath the seats of the operators and small to begin with they are very hard to see, especially in the morning. While I wish bot of these leaks were detected by the operators quicker, it happens and we will repair the mowers and check over the other hoses to make sure there is no wear.

We have added sand to 10 fairway bunker and are working on number 9 fairway now. We hope to finish this by Thursday. Again, with being short staffed we are concentrating on mowing and set up of the course first and then move onto projects and clean-up.

The grounds committee has made a recommendation to have the bunker rakes OUTSIDE of the bunkers and away from play. We ask that after you use the rake you place it on the outside of the bunker and on the side that is furthest away from the green or fairway. The reason for this is due to this being the least likely place that a ball would make contact with a rake. It will not get hung up on the rake and caught on a slope, plus it minimizes the chance of being hit if they are on the outside of the playing area. We will remove the "place rakes inside bunkers" signs this winter, but could really use your help in making this work.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Project Update

Our in house part the project is almost complete. We have removed the sand from the final 4 fairway bunkers and will be applying our polymer lining this morning. We will not be filling these bunkers with sand until Monday. The reason for the delay is due to some drainage issues that were located when we were checking drainage on the fairway bunker on number 10. The drainage in the bunker itself was working and intact, but we noticed a few issues when we were testing it at the end of the fairway where it discharges into the creek.

When the irrigation system was installed 20 years ago, the pipe was pulled in by a machine and not with a typical trencher. The issue that you run into with a puller vs. a trencher is you cant see what you pulled through underground. We found 2 drain tiles that were pulled through, they still drained water but not as efficiently as they should, and were slowly clogging up. We installed two catch basins at the end of the fairway that should help everything in this area drain faster.

This is not the first pipe or the last pipe that we have found that was crushed or pulled through when the irrigation system was installed. Again, they typically stay functional even though they are broken due to water finding the easiest path of resistance, but it definitely hurts the efficiency of the drainage.

We are also going to be delayed another week until the contractor can finish his work at another property. This is due to the awful April and May weather and rain that the area experienced. They are almost finished with that project but would not be able to start until next Thursday or Friday and we agreed to push back until the 26th and get a fresh start on a Monday. As of now this is not a big deal for our project. We expect to finish in Mid-November barring any weather delays of our own.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

9 fairways and 10 fairway next on the list

We will be working on 9 and 10 fairway bunkers this week. The sand has been removed from 10 fairway and we are working on 9 fairway now. These bunkers will be played as ground under repair until the new sand is installed.

The construction crew will be in next week to start the main part of the project. I will have more updates for you as they arrive and the project starts.

We will be saving holes 4, 5, and 6 until the end of the project as this will be the most disruptive part of the project.


Friday, August 2, 2019

All in house greenside bunkers complete.

We will have finished 9, 14, 18 and the rightside bunker on 17 by the end of today. We also replaced the sand in the southernmost bunker on the short game area. We rented a plate compactor and used it to help firm up the new sand as well. The sand will take time to mature and firm up, but we are off to a great start.

This leaves us the fairway bunkers on 9 and 10 to finish in house. We will work on these the week of the 12th, after club championships are over.

Please continue to play any bunker with new sand as lift clean and place in the bunker.